A & C Silicone Rubbers

SynTec has a diverse selection of addition and condensation silicones from Shore A 8t/m to Shore A 50. Additives like thickeners and thinners make for easy processing.

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Flexible PU Rubbers (Shore A)

With a wide range of hardness from Shore A 20 t/m 90 and a broad selection of physical properties, SynTec has the right solution with the Poly 74 and 75 series.

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Casting Resins / Plastic

Casting Resins / Pourable Plastic Shore D

In addition to flexible rubbers, SynTec has a wide selection of Shore D polyurethane casting resins and molding plastics for the formation of hard models.

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Liquid Epoxy for Models

SG-Poxy is an ideal epoxy for casting small objects, prototypes, duplicate models, decoupage glass coatings and bonding, as well as for vacuum/thermo forming.

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Plasters and Alginate

Plaster and Alginate for Models & Printing

The use of alginate for making quick, one-off molds, especially for body parts. Plaster, for making plaster molds.

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Vacuum Forming Machines

Table and Stand Alone Models

With Formech, SynTec has the perfect solution to vacuum forming systems from small table top models to large stand alone models.

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3D Systems

3D Printers and 3D scanners

With a wide range of 3D systems, such as 3D printers & 3D scanners, we can provide the total solution for many applications.

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Maintenance, Scan, Print, & Design

SynTec features a wide selection of 3D printers and scanners that can create excellent 3D models in both a digital and printed form, thus offering a total solution.

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"SynTec biedt de totaaloplossing met het leveren van gietrubbers voor een groot aantal toepassingen tot vormsystemen als vacuümvormmachines en 3D printers."