About us

Mouldig and casting

SynTec is a family business made up of enthusiastic, loyal, and deeply involved employees. Our focus is our customers. SynTec strives to be a reliable and service oriented business partner to you. Since 1937, we have been offering traditional forming and casting solutions. We were the first company in the Netherlands to offer dental plaster in collaboration with Schouten Dental. Now we are innovative in the revolution of digital modeling, 3D scanning, and 3D printing and software solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We reduce waste

Today there is no one in the world who can afford to commit themselves to themselves alone. People, organizations and businesses are becoming more and more aware of the responsibility they bear, for example, to the environment, working conditions and social affairs. Schouten Group certainly does not want to support this, so pay close attention to this CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) . Schouten Group is extremely cautious about the impact the company has on the environment.