The 15-series polyurethane resin

The 15 series P.U. casting resin Shore D

Poly 15 Series plastics are versatile two-component polyurethane systems, used for numerous commercial, industrial, artistic, hobby, craft and casting applications. The materials hava a densitie which is similar to thermoplastics (such as ABS) for the creation of prototypes or functional parts. An aluminum-filled version is available for components or tools where heat resistance and thermal conductivity (for example vacuum forming) is important. Poly 1511 / 1512X are also excellent for making lightweight mother dies / molds and models support by mixing with thickener. These plastics can be colored with special dyes, mixed with metal powders (e.g., bronze powder for cold cast bronze), and they can be filled with various low-cost fillers to save cost and reduce shrinkage in large volumes.

The 15-series of liquid Poly P.U. resins have the following properties:

• Tough, non-friable;
• 1A: 1B mixing ratios;
• Reproduces fine details;
• can be machined, drilled and sanded;
• Lightweight hollow molds;
• Low shrinkage on cure;
• Variable processing times;
• pourable in larger volumes.

Typical applications:

• Decorative objects;
• Support molds, master models;
• Industrial objects;
• Hobbies and art;
• Rapid prototyping;
• Scale models;
• Sculptural reproductions (eg, cold cast bronze);
• Negatives and positives;
• Sculptures production.

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Fysical bulletin 15-series
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