Water clear casting resin

Poly-optic, water clear Shore D resin.

Poly-Optic® 14 Series plastics are specially designed for applications where optical clarity is a must. Poured models will be water clear. Polycolor Color pigments can be added to produce bright colored models. In addition, Poly-optic materials may be filled with metal, marble, and many other fine powders for special effects.

Optic Poly-resin is a plastic for simulating glass and ice-like objects. These products are widely used to create stunning prototypes (lenses, bottles, containers) as well as for unique art, sculpture and display items. The versatility of Poly-Optic 14 series plastics makes them very suitable for numerous commercial, industrial, hobby, craft, medical and special effect applications.

Poly-optic crystal clear casting resin have the following features:

  • Two component polyurethane with different mixing ratios.
  • Crystal clear, like water / glass.
  • Easy to color.
  • Can be used with fillers.
  • Tough and hard, but not brittle.
  • Reproduces fine details.
  • Low shrinkage on cure.
  • Different processing times and curing times.

NOTES: Vacuum and / or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products. Cure inhibition may occur when the casting resin is used in tin-based cured silicone rubber molds. We recommend a platinum-based silicone mold for curing.

Fysical bulletin

Fysical bulletin Poly-Optic
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