SG-Poxy and SG-Cure are liquid plastic epoxies. They are excellent for casting small objects, prototypes, duplicate models, decoupage glass coating and bonding. The SG-Proxy is highly suitable for models with vacuum/thermo forming.

• Not sensitive to moisture like polyurethane resins
• Versatile - works easily in combination with fillers (eg. bronze powder)
• High hardness and temperature resistance
• Build up can be achieved by pouring or layering

SG Poxy resins can be cured with various SG-Cure curing agents allowing for flexibility within the SG-Poxy range. The mixing ratio of each resin and curing agent varies in mix ratio. SG Poxy 1010 is a clear resin with low viscosity which can be used with SG 1212 or 1220. Poly Cure SG-1030 is an aluminum and mineral-filled resin which can be used in conjunction with SG-Cure 1212 and 1230. See the table below for specific applications.