Flexible polyurethane rubber

Poly 74-series Polyurethane with a Shore A 20 up to Shore A 55 hardness The liquid polyurethane rubbers are soft to medium soft hardness which harden at room temperature (RTV). Permanent molds can be made with these rubbers because of the superior flexibility they offer. Ideally suited for the most detailed and complex models. The 74-series polyurethane rubbers can be used for both casting molds for formwork and brushable molds after the addition of an additive as CAB-O-SIL thickener.

Poly 74 Series liquid P.U. rubbers have the following features:

  • Shore A 20 - Shore A 55 hardness.
  • Curing liquid forms at room temperature.
  • High-strength and high durability of molds.
  • Reproduction of the smallest details.
  • High performance.
  • Liquid and brushable.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Ideal for a variety of purposes.
  • Can be released after 16 hours.
  • Also suitable for concrete.

  • The Poly 74-series can be used for the following applications:

  • Precast concrete pouring.
  • Architectural models.
  • Plaster and foundries.
  • Art casting and sculpting art.
  • Mould and model makers.
  • (rapid) prototyping.
  • Many hobby crafts and other applications.

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