We provide repair and maintenance for all our hardware and software. The hardware systems like the Artec 3D scanners and printers from 3D systems, as well as our vacuum forming machines, for example Formech, can all be repaired and maintained by us. Besides standard repair, we also have various maintenance contracts for preventative maintenance and the sustainable use of the machines.

With our own service and support team, and the close involvement and second level support of our manufacturers, we are always at your disposal. For a number of software packages we will always keep you informed of updates and upgrades and offer full support for installation and training.

Please contact us for more information or your (periodic) maintenance.

3D Print Service

Through closely knit ties and long-term relationships with our customers, colleagues, suppliers, and companies in other countries, we now have a broad network of hardware and software solutions. Because we have a wide range of 3D printer systems that we deliver to our clients, we can offer you printing services by our our clients. Therefore, we offer the solution to provide a variety of materials, with accuracy and quality. Full color, to plastic and wax models, can all be produced using 3D printing technologies like SLA, SLS, MJM, CJP, PolyJet and FDM .

Please contact us for more information on delivery specifications, size and material requirements, our clients, and how our 3D printing can be a value-added service for you.

3D Scanning Service

By supplying various handheld and desktop scanners, we have a wide range of customers that provide scanning services . If you want to use our scanning service offered through our customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, or outside Benelux, please contact us. Depending on your needs, we can offer you this scanning service on desired qualities, for example accuracy of scanners selected, based on the specific scope and postal code .

Many of our customers are spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. They have a particular 3D scanning specialization which we can help you utilize. These customers often work with 3D design solutions (CAD, sculpting, reverse engineering, measurement, etc.) and production solutions (CNC milling and 3D printing).

We are confident that our customers can add value to your applications. Please contact us so we can provide you with more information on our 3D scanning service.

3D Design Service

We provide 3D printers and scanners to clients who use them in conjunction with software design programs with different specializations. We have a number of companies that work for third parties that will be happy to help you with your project. We can help design and sculpt models for production in 3D animation or for 3D printing and CNC milling machines.

Please contact us so that we can provide the perfect designer and eventual producer of your project.